Buy, Rent, Hire or Service: Forktruck Specialists Limited Is Your One Stop Forklift Shop in Dunedin

Are you looking to buy a forklift in Dunedin? Do you have an existing forklift that needs repairs or preventative maintenance? Do you only wish to hire a forklift for a temporary warehousing project? No matter your forklift needs, you can count on …read more.

Find Affordable Prices for Forklift Services, Forklift Hires, or Rentals in Dunedin

Your online retail business experiences a huge spike in online orders during the holiday season. To meet the extra demand, you need to hire a larger team of workers to help in your shipping warehouses. The problem is that even with a larger team, there is only …read more.

Get the Forklift Service You Need in North, South or Central Otago

When your forklift breaks down, it can drastically impede the productivity of your warehouse or materials handling worksite. Suddenly, your capacity to move goods, prepare shipments, and organise inventory items has been cut down by one vehicle. Without …read more.

Expand Your Forklift Fleet with Inexpensive Models: Buy a Forklift from Forktruck Specialists Limited in North, Central or South Otago

As your warehousing or materials handling business continues to grow over time, you may find that your forktruck fleet is no longer sufficient to meet your day to day needs. If you need to buy a forklift in Otago but are working on a tight budget, though, you …read more.

How to Hire a Forklift in North, South or Central Otago: Steps to Take before You Rent

Do you need to hire a forklift in Otago? Whether you are working a temporary project that requires a forklift or are supplementing an existing forklift fleet to maintain high productivity during a busy warehousing season, there are many reasons to rent rather …read more.

The Benefits of Choosing to Rent a Forklift in North, South or Central Otago

When you require a forklift for your company’s warehousing or materials handling operations, you have two basic options. First, you can choose to buy a forklift outright. This option might be the most logical solution if you will need to use the forklift …read more.

Rent Forklifts on a Long Term or Short Term Basis; Trust Forktruck Specialists Limited with Your Forklift Rentals in North, South or Central Otago

At Forktruck Specialists Limited, we have been providing forklift rentals in Otago for more than 35 years. If there is one thing that we have learned in that time, it’s that no two clients need the same thing from their forklift rentals. Some need short term …read more.

How to Get Dependable Forklift Hires in North, South, or Central Otago

Some companies in the warehousing and logistics industries are hesitant to hire out forklifts or other handling equipment. Certainly, relying on used equipment can occasionally be something of a gamble. How can you know that the equipment is …read more.

Looking for Forklift Hire in Alexandra? Here’s Where You Can Get a Fork Truck Rental

Alexandra is home to plenty of businesses, each with their own distinct needs. If you run an Alexandra business in the commercial or industrial sector, your needs will probably include moving heavy objects from one place to another. If that’s the …read more.

Hire or Buy a Forklift in Dunedin, with Fork Truck Rentals from Forktruck Specialists Ltd

Are you starting a commercial or industrial project that requires the use of one or more forklifts? If so, Forktruck Specialists Ltd can help. We offer forklift truck hires in Dunedin and can help you find the right fork trucks for your project …read more.

Need a Fork Truck for Hire? Find a Forklift Rental in Oamaru

If your business is in the game of moving large objects, you already know how important a forklift can be to your success. Without hyperbolising, the forklift is simply one of the most important pieces of commercial and industrial technology ever …read more.

Find a Rental Truck to Carry Your Forklift! Hire a Fork Truck in Otago

If you need to move a heavy equipment safely, there’s one piece of equipment that you’ll find practically indispensable: a forklift. These vehicles allow you to lift large items and move them without taxing your workers, helping to raise workplace …read more.

Forklift Truck Hire in Queenstown: A More Affordable Option for Equipment Management

Do you need a forklift or two for an upcoming project? If your business uses fork trucks on a regular, ongoing basis, then purchasing them outright is a smart solution. However, if you only need forklifts to fulfil a temporary job, purchasing …read more.

Minimise Your Downtime with Quick Service from Fork Truck Specialists Dunedin

When a forklift breaks down—even a single forklift in a fleet of five or six—it can cause significant delays in your operation. Whether you rely on forklifts to move boxes and pallets for shipping or to transport materials around a worksite, a …read more.

Hire Excellent Forklift Rental in Alexandra

Do you own or operate a warehouse? Do you need to hire a forklift in Alexandra to load, unload, and move inventory? If so, Forktruck Specialists Limited is here to help. We have forklifts of every size available to suit your needs. If you do not …read more.

Affordable Forklift Rental and Forklift Hire in Oamaru

When it comes to forklift hire in Oamaru, you have many options, but the best choice is Forktruck Specialists Limited. We have years of experience in the industry, and continually strive to increase our knowledge of current construction vehicles. We …read more.

Reliable Forklift Hire and Forklift Rental in Queenstown

Do you work in construction or another commercial industry in which you might need to hire a forklift in Queenstown? If you answered yes, then Forktruck Specialists Limited is the company to see. We carry an extensive inventory of machines for you …read more.

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