Some companies in the warehousing and logistics industries are hesitant to hire out forklifts or other handling equipment. Certainly, relying on used equipment can occasionally be something of a gamble. How can you know that the equipment is reliable? How can you trust that a previous renter didn’t do damage to the forklift that you will be relying on daily? How can you guarantee dependable levels of service when you are renting a used forklift instead of buying a used one?

Work with Forktruck Specialists Limited for Your Forklift Hires in Otago

By trusting Forktruck Specialists Limited for your next forklift hire in Otago, you can set aside your worries and reservations about renting your materials handling equipment. We have been in this industry for more than 35 years, and in that time, we believe that we have perfected the equipment hire model. Through strong quality control, vigilant preventative maintenance, and a vast range of both forklifts and repair parts, we have found a way to provide a consistently positive rental experience to our clients.

First off, we make sure that you end up with the equipment to suit your needs. When you call us for a forklift hire in Central Otago, we won’t just saddle you with the first forklift we have available. Instead, we will sit down with you to discuss your needs and select the ideal forklift for the project at hand.

Weight capacity, lift height, tyres, forklift attachments, and budget are all factors that can vary from one forklift rental to the next. For instance, the tyres necessary for your forklift might vary depending on the terrain of your worksite, while the best forklift attachment to lift boxes and crates might be different than the ideal attachment for lifting pallets. At Forktruck Specialists Limited, we will walk through all these factors with you to make sure you don’t run into any unexpected hurdles or roadblocks with your rental.

Secondly, we ensure that every forklift we hire out has been carefully maintained. In addition to being a forklift hire company in South Otago, Forktruck Specialists Limited is also a reputed forklift servicing company. Warehousing and materials handling businesses frequently trust us to perform repairs or preventative maintenance on their forklift models. We use our skills in these departments to ensure that our forklifts are in great shape for every new rental client. If you do run into technical difficulties with your forklift hire, just give us a call. We have mobile repair technicians always on the road, and one can easily swing by your worksite to provide a quick diagnosis and repair.

Save Money on Your Forklift Needs without Sacrificing Quality or Dependability

When it comes to finding the right forklift for your project, you have two basic options: rent or buy. Buying is always more expensive, but renting is frequently less dependable—leading to quite the dilemma for businesses like yours. Thanks to Forktruck Specialists Limited, though, it’s now easy to arrange a forklift hire in North Otago that you can depend on for your business needs. To learn more about our quality control standards, give us a call on 03 455 2651.

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