Do you own or operate a warehouse? Do you need to hire a forklift in Alexandra to load, unload, and move inventory? If so, Forktruck Specialists Limited is here to help. We have forklifts of every size available to suit your needs. If you do not know what size vehicle you need we are happy to discuss the situation with you and offer a recommendation. Different circumstances require different vehicles.

A small forklift is perfect for manoeuvring through narrow aisles found in many warehouses, while larger ones are ideal for loading and unloading large crates and boxes off trucks and ships. Whatever task you need a lift for; you can hire one from us in Alexandra.

Our vehicles are durable and easy to operate. If you have questions about them, we can answer. We love talking about fork trucks and can demonstrate how to use your forklift rental for maximum efficiency.

Vehicles that break down or malfunction are useless on the job, which is why we service every machine we rent in the Alexandra area to ensure it always operates as intended. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction with the performance of our machinery. If you experience a problem with one of our lifts we will address the situation immediately and with no extra charge. You should not have to pay for malfunctioning machinery.

Comprehensive Forklift Hire in Alexandra

When you take advantage of Forktruck Specialists Limited’s forklift rental in Alexandra, you are getting the most complete service available in the area. We have a large selection of construction vehicles for you to choose from and can make recommendations based on your needs.

We also offer a variety of rental plans ranging from a single day to months at a time, meaning you can rent the machine for as long as you need it; and all our plans are billed at a fixed rate. You will never see a surprise charge on your bill.

In addition to our flexible forklift hire in Alexandra plans, we also offer on-site repair and maintenance. This service is available on all our equipment in the area and is essential for long term rentals. Our field support keeps your rented vehicles running smoothly and reduces the time lost to repairs. Keeping your vehicles operational while on the job will boost your clients’ confidence in you, and help you complete your job promptly without undue delays.

If you own a construction vehicle that needs repairs or maintenance, we can help with that too. In addition to our field repair service, we also have one of the largest shops in the region where we can undertake huge and complex repair jobs.

Fork trucks and other industrial vehicles are our lives, and we continuously focus on new technologies in the industry. This knowledge allows us to provide our clients with nothing but the best possible service.

When you are looking to hire a forklift in Alexandra or have your own vehicle repaired, speak with a friendly representative from Forktruck Specialists Limited.

Second Hand Forklifts for Sale

In addition to being the premier forklift rental company in Alexandra, we also have a large inventory of second hand forklifts for sale. Each of our previously owned forklifts has been repaired and refurbished to run like new. When you buy a second-hand vehicle from Forktruck Specialists Limited, you can be confident that it will perform as expected every time you operate it.

Make an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians for more information. You will be glad you did.

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