At Forktruck Specialists Limited, we have been providing forklift rentals in Otago for more than 35 years. If there is one thing that we have learned in that time, it’s that no two clients need the same thing from their forklift rentals. Some need short term rentals, and some need long term arrangements. Some need heavy duty forklifts with high weight capacities and lift heights; others need more modest models with more standard specs.

It is a testament to our experience as a business and to the size of our forklift range that we can serve all these clients and their diverse needs. No matter what you need from your forklift rental in Central Otago, you can trust that we will arrange a workable solution.

Our Billing Structure: Ideal for Long Term and Short Term Rentals Alike

Part of what we wanted to do when we established Forktruck Specialists Limited all those years ago, was to provide a reliable forklift rental option in South Otago. We know that buying forklifts for your fleet—particularly newer models—can be quite expensive. Often, buying is not the ideal option—whether because you are working a temporary project or because you need a temporary replacement for an out-of-action forklift. Our job was to make forklift rentals readily available, from North Otago to South Otago and beyond.

Today, our rental model is ideal whether you need a forklift on a short term or long term basis. Our billing structure is laid out on a month to month basis. At the time of each rental, we sit down with our clients and arrange a monthly fee for the forklift rental. Once the rental agreement is signed, we fix this cost. We won’t increase it from one month to the next or fold added costs or fees into your monthly bill. You will know exactly how much you need to pay each month.

The fixed monthly billing structure is perfect for temporary forklift rentals. If you have a forklift that is being repaired and you need a temporary replacement, you can hire one of our forklifts for just one month. In fact, when we repair forklifts—another service we provide—we always drop off a replacement forklift for our clients to use while we are doing the repair.

On the other hand, if you have a six-month project that requires an extra forklift or two, you can arrange long-term rentals at affordable rates. Our fixed monthly rates make our forklift rentals an affordable option—no matter how long you need them.

Learn More about Our Forklift Rentals in North, South or Central Otago

If you are interested in arranging a forklift rental in the Otago area, start by reaching out to Forklift Specialists Limited today. We are happy to tell you more about the forklifts we have in our rental fleet (including vital details like weight capacity and lift height) to help you decide which lift is right for your needs. From there, we can arrange a monthly rental plan based on the forklift you are renting and how long you need it. You can reach us by calling 03 455 2651.

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