Alexandra is home to plenty of businesses, each with their own distinct needs. If you run an Alexandra business in the commercial or industrial sector, your needs will probably include moving heavy objects from one place to another. If that’s the case, it’s probably worth investing in equipment that can help your workers save time and energy, so that you can meet quotas and keep safety a priority. You might not necessarily want to buy a whole fleet of forklifts, but fork truck rental in Alexandra can certainly make your operations go a bit more smoothly.

Why go for fork truck hire in Alexandra instead of just purchasing? Initially, there are the upfront costs of buying good quality vehicles. Even if you have money in the budget for new a new fork truck or two, your lifts will come with the responsibility of taking care of them. Vehicle maintenance is just as important for a forklift as it is for a car, and it can be just as expensive if your equipment runs into serious problems. Renting solves both problems since the companies who can offer you a fork truck for hire in Alexandra should keep their own vehicles in good condition.

The key word there, of course, is ‘should’. It’s crucial that you rent your fork truck from a company who can be trusted to maintain their own vehicles in between rentals. What this means is that you’ll want to look for a rental company that also offers quality replacement parts and repair services to area forklift owners. Companies with a public history of completing satisfactory forklift repairs can usually be trusted to maintain their fleets reliably, culminating in a better rental experience for each customer.

One excellent place to look for a forklift truck for hire in Alexandra is Forktruck Specialists Limited, a company whose passion for these machines has allowed us to offer some of the most consistently dependable rentals in the region. With a full parts service and complete refurbishment options for lift owners, we’ve spent long enough working on these machines to know exactly what keeps them in tip-top shape, and we apply this knowledge to our entire fleet of fork trucks for hire. Even our pricing is convenient, with options for short- or long-term rentals alike.

Take advantage of a company who knows practically everything there is to know about forklifts and hire your next lift from Forktruck Specialists Limited. We can even handle machine relocations and equipment transport for those of you who need your machines moved from site to site while you’re working. For more information on how we can provide you with a solution, feel free to call today and speak with one of our members. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions or set you up with the perfect rental today.

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