Are you starting a commercial or industrial project that requires the use of one or more forklifts? If so, Forktruck Specialists Ltd can help. We offer forklift truck hires in Dunedin and can help you find the right fork trucks for your project.

How Our Fork Truck Hires in Dunedin Work

If you decide to do a fork truck rental in Dunedin through Forktruck Specialists Ltd, you can always expect a quality product and terrific service. For all fork truck hires, we arrange a payment schedule up front so that our clients have clear, accurate ideas of what they should expect to pay. We always bill on a monthly fixed-rate basis, making it easy for companies to rent forklifts for as long (or as briefly) as they are required. Long-term and short-term rentals are equally supported and encouraged.

We also pride ourselves on the quality and excellent condition of our products. We are always keeping up with the latest developments in forklift technology, and most of the fork trucks in our rental fleet are new and up-to-the-minute regarding features and functionality.

We are also vigilant about maintaining our forklifts. When you work with Forktruck Specialists Ltd for a forklift truck hire in Dunedin, you can expect a breakdown-free rental period. When our fork trucks come back from renters, we take care to perform preventative maintenance, replace any broken or damaged parts and touch up the paint. In some cases, we even perform a full repaint of our fork trucks. The result is that you’ll feel like you’re getting a brand-new forklift when you rent from us—for a fraction of the price you would pay to buy a brand-new forklift.

Need a Forklift on a Permanent Basis? Buy Late-Model Used Trucks from Forktruck Specialists Ltd

While we offer long-term fork truck hire in Dunedin, some clients just require a bit more. If you maintain a permanent forklift fleet— commonplace for shipping warehouses or factories—then a rental might not be the best option for you. It would be more cost-effective to purchase a fork truck outright.

You can buy forklifts at Forktruck Specialists Ltd, in addition to renting them. While we don’t sell brand-new models, we are happy to offer late-model fork trucks that we have phased out of our rental fleet. These late-model forklifts are immaculately maintained and still offer a full array of functions: we’ve just moved on to newer models and technologies for our hire clients. If you need a high-quality fork truck that you can rely on to get the job done without having to break the bank, let us know, and we’ll sell you something perfect.

No matter your forklift needs—whether you’re after a forklift truck hire in Dunedin, a used forklift purchase or repairs and servicing for fork trucks in your existing fleet—you can count on Forktruck Specialists Ltd. To enquire further about the services we offer, give us a call on 03 455 2651 or 029 455 2651.

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