Do you need a forklift or two for an upcoming project? If your business uses fork trucks on a regular, ongoing basis, then purchasing them outright is a smart solution. However, if you only need forklifts to fulfil a temporary job, purchasing one can be an expensive and inefficient use of funds. Needless to say, building a multi-forklift fleet is even more expensive.

For companies and contractors that need an alternative option, Forktruck Specialists Ltd is here to help. We offer fork truck rentals in Queenstown. Billing on a fixed-rate monthly basis, we can get you the equipment you need to get the job done. If the job goes past the deadline, you can extend your rental without issue or conflict. And if you ultimately end up needing a forklift on a permanent basis, you can buy a used late-model one from us, for much less than you would pay new.

The Quality Commitment of Our Fork Truck Hires in Queenstown

At Forklift Specialists Ltd, we often hear from clients who are interested in the affordability and convenience of a forklift truck hire in Queenstown, but who are also reluctant to put their faith in rental equipment. What if the forklifts aren’t well taken care of, or break down mid-job? Then you’ve spent money on a rental, still don’t have a functioning fork truck and have to deal with downtime and delays.

Our fork truck hires in Queenstown only ever involve the best and most carefully maintained forklifts on the market. In addition to being a company that promotes equipment rentals, we also specialise in the repair and maintenance of forklifts. Every time a fork truck comes back in from a rental, we take care to inspect it and look for any damage that might have occurred on the last job. If repairs are necessary, we perform them. If routine maintenance, servicing, and part replacements are due, we take care of those steps as well. Our goal is that, with every new rental, it’s as if our clients are getting a brand-new forklift truck.

No Downtime: What You Get When Your Rent a Forklift from Forktruck Specialists Ltd

This commitment to quality inspection and servicing helps minimise the number of breakdowns or technical difficulties that our clients encounter mid-rental. However, in the rare case that you do run into an issue with your fork truck rental in Queenstown, all you have to do is give us a call. We have a 24-hour emergency number where you can reach us at all times, as well as numerous fully-equipped service vehicles that are constantly on the road. Just dial our number, and someone will be there ASAP to perform an on-site repair.

If an on-site forklift repair isn’t necessary, we’ll take the original fork truck we rented you, take it back to our workshop for servicing and provide you with a replacement forklift in the interim. Either way, you won’t have to deal with more than an hour or two of downtime.

Are you interested in learning more about our forklift truck hire services in Queenstown? Dial 03 455 2651 or 029 455 2651 to get in touch with Forktruck Specialists Ltd today.

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