Do you need to hire a forklift in Otago? Whether you are working a temporary project that requires a forklift or are supplementing an existing forklift fleet to maintain high productivity during a busy warehousing season, there are many reasons to rent rather than buy.

At Forktruck Specialists Limited, we can help you hire the perfect forklift in Central Otago. We have been servicing the forklift industry—with an emphasis on the warehousing and materials handling sectors—for more than 35 years now. We know forklifts, spanning dozens of brands and hundreds of different models. From hires to repairs, all the way to forklift purchases, we have helped countless businesses like yours meet their forktruck needs over the years.

When you decide to hire a forklift in North Otago, our team at Forktruck Specialists Limited will do everything they can to make things easy and convenient for you. However, before you call us to start planning your rental, you should take a few steps to make sure you know just what you need.

Planning Your Forklift Hire: Four Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. How many forklifts do you need?

    The first step is to think about your situation and reflect on what you need. It’s far easier to hire three forklifts at once than it is to hire one and then decide after a few days that you need two more. Consider how busy you are, the size of your warehouse or work site, how many team members you will have working at once and other factors that might influence the preferred size of your forktruck fleet.

  2. What kind of weight capacity do you need?

    Not all forklifts are the same. When you go to hire a forklift in South Otago, you need to rent based on weight capacity. On average, how heavy are the boxes, crates, pallets, or other shipments that your forklifts will be used to lift? What is the maximum weight you can expect for one of these shipments? If you already have a forklift fleet, what are the weight capacities on your current lifts? Answering these questions will give you the information you need to request the appropriate forklift for the job.

  3. What is the required reach?

    Forklifts also vary in how high they lift. Look at the shelving or pallet racking in your warehouse and determine how high you will need your forklift to be able to lift. If you choose a forklift that can’t lift high enough, it might hurt your productivity more than it will help it, so getting the right answer here is vital.

  4. How long do you need the forklift?

    When you hire forklifts from Forktruck Specialists Limited in Otago, you can expect a fixed monthly billing structure. We won’t hit you with unexpected fees or month to month price increases. However, you should still try to estimate how long you will need the forklift so you can determine the likely cost of the rental.

Hire Your Forklift in North, South or Central Otago Today

Once you have answered the questions listed above, you will be better prepared to hire a forklift in Central, North or South Otago. To arrange your rental today, give us a call at Forktruck Specialists Limited. You can get in touch by calling 03 455 2651.

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